UPDATE: HUMMER Game Spotted Down Under

HUMMER Arcade Game

We know that HUMMERs are gaining favor in Australia, and soon after our post about Sega’s new HUMMER arcade game we had a sighting – complete with review – of the off-road racing game in Australia!

“Location of the arcade is in Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia.

HUMMER Arcade GameI was totally ecstatic and had super great fun driving it. There are things in the game which you definitely should not do with a real Hummer. There should be a warning on the machine which states that this is unrealistic expectations of a Hummer flying off ramps (with a 10meter drop) at top speed and scaling 45 degree slopes side ways at top speed and crashing through barrels which gives you strap on rocket boosters, with a big glowing button called “boost” which is in the middle of the seats; when you slam your fist on it the whole carriage moves and it feels like a real rocket.”

Sounds like a blast – gotta find one in the U.S.!

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