Utah’s Raser Technologies Involved in HUMMER Brand Bidding

Orin Hatch HUMMER

Raser Technologies, the same Utah-based company that was instrumental in designing the 100 MPG Electric HUMMER H3, is reportedly one of the companies bidding to purchase HUMMER from General Motors according to KSL TV in Utah, who spoke with Raser CEO Brent Cook.

The Raser Technologies team was in Washington DC earlier this week showing off the Electric HUMMER, and Senator Orin Hatch (above) went for a quick spin. But they weren’t in Washington solely for a PR visit – they’re also reportedly looking for federal subsidies to retool HUMMER factories.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Orin Hatch also sent a letter to President Obama asking him to work to assure brands like HUMMER aren’t sold to the Chinese or anyone else overseas. “One thing we’re fighting is to not lose it to China,” said Hatch in an interview, “because if this goes to China, so does the technology, and China is a very aggressive country.”

Raser’s Chairman Kraig Higginson said he hopes to have the Electric HUMMER in showrooms by 2011 – which may be easier than originally thought if his company has part ownership of the HUMMER brand.

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