Video: HUMMER Rescues City Snow Plow, Compact Owners Rejoice


No matter which U.S. coast you’re on, you probably get more a smug looks when you’re driving your HUMMER than those of us in the in the central areas. Typically the glances come from holier-than-thou compact car owners that don’t see any value in driving an off-road vehicle that doubles as a daily driver. That is until the city gets hit by record snowfall and it’s the off-road vehicle owners who often lend a hand – in this case by pulling out a humongous city snow plow in Baltimore that had gotten stuck in the deep snow, thus allowing all the smaller cars in the city to get where they needed to go (Many of which undoubtedly had dealership appointments…)

Do you think if the roles were reversed that Mr. Compact Car would be lending a hand to a HUMMER owner?

Video below:

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  1. That is a nice video. My little car friends always complain about the lack of plowing when it snows over 6 inches in Minnesota. I just like the lack of cars on the road then.

  2. that…. is awesome!

  3. That’s some funny sh%t! It looks like the streets of Philly!

    On top of the 28″ already on the ground we’re getting another foot tonight North of City.

    Going to be awesome!

  4. i live just south of baltimore and we got dumped on thank god someone is helping us!

  5. That’s a awesome video. Whenever we get hit with bad weather in Ohio, I’m glad I have my H2!!

  6. Pretty cool. I was nervous with that chain hook up. Last night I pulled a Mustang up a hill… doesn’t seem very cool after seeing this video

  7. I wish I had video when pulling a jeep out of snow pile last week with my H3