Waiting List Grows for Hummer H3 in South Africa

Hummer H3
In anticipation for the newly-released Hummer H3 in South Africa, interested buyers have placed their name on a lengthy waiting list. To satisfy all of the orders on the list, it will take the factory nearly two months. Production starts on the vehicles in the middle of 2006. Trucks built in South Africa will not only be sold locally, but also be imported to other countries. Right now, it is against GM Policy for dealers to export, or even sell to known Hummer exporters.

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  1. i have tried to order my hummer the other day and the people in the new gm delta dealership thought i was stupid. i eventually found someone who had news for me but wouldnt let me order mine. where have people got a waiting list and how do i get my name there. how much is the h3 going to cost here in s.a.
    hope you can help

  2. According to GM, the first trucks to be built will be exported to countries outside of South Africa. It wont be until the middle of 2007 (by this time they will have the right-side drive model in production) that it will be available at dealerships in South Africa. The H3 is expected to be at a much lower price than current imported Hummers. To find a currently authorized dealer, go to Hummer.com, locate a dealership, then outside U.S. — Good luck in your Hummer search!

  3. thank you for the reply
    i have since writing the first letter gone to two other dealerships in the durban area and neither of them could help me. they have taken my number but so far no contact back with more news. you mentioned that the h3 will be at a much lower price than current imported hummers. i didnt know that hummers are being imported in s.a. yet and what is their price currently. another thing, which models are going to be assembled here for the s.a. market. i also read a paper article which mentioned the h3 with a clearance of only 230mm. i think it is 406 on the h2 . can they not modify the h3 clearance. how can we get the s.a. specs.
    eagerly awaiting
    hum mad