Wild Wild West HUMMER H3 Gets Real Wagon Wheels

Hummer H3 Wagon Wheels London

Art can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but in London, artist Matthew Harrison wanted his work to be ‘Like Nothing Else.’ The HUMMER H3 has been equipped with real wooden wagon wheels to “create a sculpture that is a mixture of art, engineering and motoring.” Forget the low-pros, bring on the no-pros!

Press Release:


Wild West ‘Hummer’ artwork unveiled at Zoo Art Fair 2008

Parking wardens take note – it’s not a car, it’s art…
Artist Matthew Harrison today unveils his latest project entitled ‘Hummer’ at the fifth Zoo Art Fair (17-20 October) – a HUMMER H3 complete with wooden wagon wheels, the iconic installation will be parked on Old Burlington Road, opposite the Royal Academy of Arts for the duration of the fair.

Harrison is exhibiting on behalf of East London gallery, Limoncello, one of 57 under six year old galleries, project spaces, artists’ collectives, curatorial groups and publications showcasing works from some of the most exciting art talent in the world.

Harrison has combined the legendary off-road vehicle with ‘Wild West’ wooden wheels to create a sculpture that is a mixture of art, engineering and motoring. For Harrison, the crux of the ‘Hummer’ is formed by both its ‘being’ and its afterlife.

Corin Richards from HUMMER comments:
“Similar to HUMMER, this sculpture really is like no other. As well as being built for action, the H3 certainly has a unique, iconic style. We were thrilled to be approached by Matthew and glad to be supporting his work at the Zoo Art Fair.”

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  1. ive seen that registration plate ‘l20 hum’ on so many promo vehicles