Wired Magazine takes on HUMMER, Prius Debate

Hummer Gas Pump In the newest issue of Wired Magazine, contributing editor Spencer Reiss is revealing some ‘inconvenient truths’ about going green. Being a technology magazine, Wired doesn’t exclusively cover environmental or automotive issues, which makes them an interesting 3rd party in the whole discussion.

Reiss brought up the always-resurfacing Prius v HUMMER debate, which we feel has been discussed enough, but he also pointed out some simple facts that are difficult to dispute. “A lot has to do with how you use the car,” Reiss explained, saying it’s more about where you’re going and how many people are in your car. “A yuppie in his Prius is getting 42 miles a gallon. A Mom in a HUMMER — with six kids in the back – is actually doing much better.”

Wired concludes that the best auto for the environment would be something like the 94 Geo Metro XFi, which is one of the most fuel efficient cars ever built. “Sure, the XFi has no AC or airbags — but nobody said saving the planet would be comfortable, or even safe.”
It’s an interesting new perspective from the respectable folks at Wired magazine, who really have no horse in the race. NPR had a good interview with Reiss in which in addition to the HUMMER issue, he also discusses power and politics as it relates to the environment.

What do you guys think?

Source: Wired Magazine, via NPR

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  1. I have similar debates with some of my coworkers. I commute ten miles from Torrance, CA to El Segundo to my place of employment. I average a tank of gas every two weeks in my H3. some of my coworkers commute as far away as Lancaster (about 80 miles) in their Priuses (Prii?), but give me a hard time for driving a “gas guzzler”. It wasn’t until I brought in my bill from my gas card to prove that I use much less fuel.

    I have a feeling that a fuel efficient vehicle would not be doing too much better with all the city driving I do (streets, not freeways). I still average about 18MPG in my Hummer, even with driving surface streets to work.

    BTW – I taken steps to improve my gas mileage by keeping the stock size tires, 5-Speed, K&N intake and a cat-back exhaust. I have seen as high as 22MPG on the flatlands averaging about 65MPH. Not bad for a Hummer!