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LIVE Chat with HUMMER HX Designer – Sunday!

A rare and exciting opportunity will come this Sunday when one of newest members of HUMMER’s design team will be taking YOUR questions during a live chat. Robert Jablonski is teaming up with GM Next — a new website created by GM to open discussion about the automotive industry and …

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HUMMER HX Concept: Official Pictures

We’ve just come across these these pictures over at the Elcova Discussion forums, – and they’re official images of the HUMMER HX that will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show this weekend. GM didn’t want you to see them for another week or so, but someone decided they …

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Hummer Pickup Truck Coming to GMC Lineup

Hummer Electric Truck

GM Reviving Old Brand Name with Hummer Pickup Truck General Motors is bringing back Hummer. Kind of.  The automaker is planning to release a GMC model using the Hummer name.  Sources familiar with the matter say the new Hummer pickup truck will be marketed as “Hummer by GMC.”  GM has …

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In-Depth: Is Hummer Return Inevitable or Wishful Thinking?

Hummer Truck

Rumors abound once again about Hummer’s possible return. This time, however, it seems like there’s a better chance.  We don’t think Hummer will be coming back as a full-fledged brand, but we think an edition or one or two models are possible.  If we’re looking at what’s selling for clues …

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HUMMER in 2016 – State of the Brand

It’s been a while since we provided a quick ‘state of the brand’ address for HUMMER – largely because there hasn’t been any real significant change (as expected) and the most promising updates we’ve discussed. However, here are a few key points for those looking to catch up on the …

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GMC Inching Closer to Producing Jeep Wrangler Competitor


We’ve long talked about how HUMMER would make a resurgence under GM’s new structure, and it’s always centered around GMC. In fact, GM at one point considered never having HUMMER as a stand-alone brand, but rather releasing models under the GMC label (“e.g. GMC Moab). There were rumors in March …

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