China’s Dongfeng Still Building Awful-Looking HUMMER Clones

DongfengHummerH2 As early as 2007, Chinese Auto Manufacturer Dongfeng has been producing HUMMER knockoffs or clones. The tradition continued this week at the Beijing Auto Show, where Dongfeng introduced two more HUMMER knockoffs that are supposed to look like – and I’m taking my best guess here – the HX Concept and the H2.

It started with a HUMMER H1 lookalike, and really, if it weren’t for the circular Dongfeng logo screwing up the look of the grille and the brush guard – it’s a decent looking rig.

Then in June of last year, they released sketches of their HX knockoff – and the gray vehicle pictured seems to be the mock-up of this.

The yellow vehicle pictured appears to be their attempt at an H2 knockoff, but the whole design looks like they took the original HUMMER H2 concept and went the wrong way in terms of appealing to anyone with the gift of sight.

You have to admire their tenacity, but not their ability to produce visually appealing autos. Woof. More pics after the jump.

DongfengHummerH2 (1)
DongfengHummerH2 (3)
DongfengHummerHX (2)
DongfengHummerHX (3)

Source: China Car Times

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  1. Looks like they make vehicles out of Legos then build it to match.

  2. The lines on those things are terrible!

  3. I like the way they look. It would be interesting to see if component parts are interchangable and personally, I would love to spec one out and torture test it. Maybe the 9500km run from Hong Kong, to Budapest, or something similar. Chinese products especially in this past decade, I prefer their quality over many other similarly made items, so why can’t these be good, or even great, offroad vehicles? I would venture a guess from my past offroad competition days and builds that about 99% are grocery haulers and yuppy toys. The diehard 1% hardcore offroad people are always and should be like, a dog on scent, with a keen interest in newer, stronger, better, and simpler, things and must ferret them out, the wheat from the chaff.
    I wish that I could get my hands on one of these here in America, and have input to their factory. Then I could really play with my Dong(feng).