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27. July 2007

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The Return of the $38,000 Hummer….Golf Cart?

25. July 2007

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Remember the story of the $38,000 Hummer Golf cart? Well it’s back, with upgrades! It has a new custom paint jon, 20inch rims, Gucci seats, TV/DVD combo, and visor monitors — and we’d say this Hummer golf cart still takes the prize for the most elaborate. The custom ride is the creation of appropriately named […]

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Hummer H2 Limos – An Inside Look!

24. July 2007

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Sure we’ve all seen stretch Hummers going down the road, and although the exteriors look very similar, the interiors can very widely! California coach builder “Big Limos” specializes in creating custom limos of all types. Before this site, I’ve never seen a Dodge Viper limo – it doesn’t seem like there would be much head […]

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Mixed Reaction to Hummer Vandalism

23. July 2007


When we first heard the story of a Washington DC man who’s Hummer had been vandalized by environmental terrorists, we were surprised. It wasn’t the act of Hummer vandalism that surprised us, since we see that all the time – in fact just last week we spoke to a Hummer driver who had his windshield […]

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AM General Humvee Spy Shots & Acquisition Deal?

19. July 2007

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I just saw this story on Autoblog – where you will also find the pictures. Supposedly, someone has snapped pictures of a new Humvee prototype. But from the surface, it doesn’t look like anything too groundbreaking. In other AM General news, we saw another article claiming the company BAE has ‘given the go-ahead in the […]

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Half Hummer & Half Boat: The Humdinga

19. July 2007

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Sometimes if I’m driving through some pretty deep water, which lately has been a common occurrence with all the flooding in North Texas, I find myself wishing I could just tear off into the deep end. The folks at U.K. based Gibbs technology have made that dream possible – but most likely at an extreme […]

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Hummer Engineers Build Extreme H3

18. July 2007

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Todd Hubbard is a vehicle dynamics engineer for the H3 division of Hummer, and he’s doing something that would make most General Motors engineers cringe: Giving advice on physical modifications to an H3. Typically engineers at the corporate level preach about how the vehicles have gone through YEARS of testing, and anything done to change […]

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Hummer H3 Soft Top Prototype – Part Two!

17. July 2007

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We posted earlier today about the Hummer H3 prototype that showed up in Dallas recently and it turns out there is a very similar vehicle making the rounds in Germany! Thanks again to the Hummer Forums and member “GH3” who alerted us to this vehicle. I don’t speak German, but according to those in the […]

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Hummer H3 Soft Top Prototype

17. July 2007


We found these pictures and info on, via the Hummer Forums (Thanks Gunner!). The prototype vehicle made an appearance in Dallas at the Four Wheel Parts Truckfest, and speculation is that it may be in Hummer’s future lineup. We like the idea, but don’t expect GM to make a complete soft-top H3 similar to […]

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16 Year Old Gets $125,000 Hummer

13. July 2007


Has anyone seen the show on Mtv that showcases elaborate birthday parties for 16 year olds? “My Super Sweet 16” is a glimpse into what it may be like growing up ultra rich and getting anything you want. One episode had a girl receiving a brand new Lexus SC430 a day before her birthday – […]

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J.D. Power and Associates rate Automotive Websites

12. July 2007

1 Comment has once again come away with the award for ‘most usefulness in new vehicle shopping’ among automotive websites. Users evaluate their website experience in four categories: Appearance, Speed, Navigation, and information/content. In line behind Hummer are Toyota, Jeep, Suzuki, Land Rover, Lexus, and Kia respectively. “A continuing focus on clear, simple navigation and crisp […]

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