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Team HUMMER’s Baja 1000 Wins Made Official

You know it’s a pretty grueling race when out of a total field of 328 vehicles, only 185 even cross the finish line. Team HUMMER and Rod Hall Racing’s two H3s were not only in the group that made it through all 672 miles of the Baja 1000, their first …

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Team HUMMER and Rod Hall Racing Unofficial Winners of Two Baja 1000 Classes

Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER fielded two HUMMERs in the 2009 Baja 1000, and the unofficial results indicate that both clinched the #1 spot in their respective classes. Chad Hall, driving a near flawless run in the HUMMER H3 Alpha, crossed the finish line at 10:52 AM Saturday remains …

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GM To Produce HUMMERs Through 2011, Possibly 2012

Earlier this week was the first time we’ve heard official talk about vehicles as far out as the H5, and how that vehicle along with the H4 based on the HX concept may eventually replace the H2 and H3. However, that doesn’t mean the latter vehicles will be going anywhere …

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Rod Hall and Team HUMMER Return to Baja 1000

Following the close of the 2008 Baja racing season, HUMMER was forced to sever its ties to Rod Hall Racing (aka Team HUMMER) while General Motors undertook its “strategic review” of the brand. After GM came to a definitive agreement to sell HUMMER to Tengzhong, the brand announced its renewed …

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HUMMER Jump Starts Season of Giving

“I’ve been here 25 years and I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Kent Clark, Director of Grace Center for Hope when he saw a parade of 21 HUMMERs bringing toys, supplies, and thousands of dollars to the center in Pontiac, Michigan. The Grace Center of Hope helps the …

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World’s First Crowdsourced Car to Compete with HUMMER?

If I were to describe a vehicle (especially around here) as offering a “premium, authentic off -road experience,” HUMMER may be the first vehicle to mind. However, that’s how Local Motors describes their “Rally Fighter,” which is the world’s first automobile to be designed using crowdsourcing. If you’re new to …

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HUMMER Race Trucks at 2009 SEMA Show

The SEMA show was the first time we got to see Robby Gordon’s Dakar HUMMER H3 in person (and Robby, for that matter). While it more closely resembles an unlimited class race buggy, it still uses several H3 design cues. More closely representative of a stock HUMMER H3 is Rod …

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HUMMER H3 Moab Edition from SEMA 2009 Photo Gallery

The HUMMER H3 Moab concept vehicle was one of four vehicles on display at the SEMA show recently, and we’ve now added a more detailed photo gallery to our coverage. H3 Moab The natural landscape of Moab, Utah has been an off-roaders playground for years – it’s also been integral …

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HUMMER’s New Business Model to be Leaner, Faster


One good thing about buying a General Motors vehicle is that you know every single piece of the vehicle has undergone extensive tests for durability and performance. Unfortunately, the way GM conducts that process can take several years which significantly slows down the release of new features and new vehicles. …

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