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Neuromarketing: Branding Drives HUMMER Deal

Neuromarketing thinks the reason Tengzhong is seeking to buy HUMMER from GM is to give global brand recognition to the products of the little-known industrial equipment maker. From HUMMER – All About Branding: What better way to leverage this powerful brand image than to extend it to a broader line …

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Was HUMMER Sold for $80 Million?

One notable element of the news story from Gasgoo about the construction of a HUMMER production line in China was that it also put a value on what Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company paid for the HUMMER brand: 550 million yuan, or $80.5 million in US dollars. While often …

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Chinese HUMMER Plant Coming?

Contrary to early reports that there were no plans to build HUMMER vehicles in China, a new report indicates that a production line will be set up in Chengdu. Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co, a machinery company based in western China, will spend 550 million yuan (US$80.5 million) to …

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Tengzhong: No Plans for HUMMER Plant in China

American HUMMER enthusiasts concerned about production being moved to China can rest a little easier tonight, knowing that the brand’s proposed new owner, Tengzhong, has no plans for a HUMMER plant in China. According to the conditions of the deal, production of HUMMER models would be contracted to General Motors …

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Chinese Reaction to HUMMER Brand Purchase

There’s a fair share of opinion swirling around both stateside and overseas about GM’s intent to sell the HUMMER brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong. To get some perspective on what the Chinese think about the deal, check out China Car Times’ comment compilation (btw, nice photo choice!) – here are …

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Long Term GM Contracts Likely in Tengzhong HUMMER Deal

According to GM, it’s likely that Tengzhong will arrange for long-term contract assembly of HUMMER vehicles by General Motors. Currently, this includes HUMMER H3 and H3T production in Shreveport, LA – which is set to get a boost when it takes over world-wide production – and HUMMER H2 production which …

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Official Announcement on HUMMER Buyer Expected Soon

Fox News is reporting that GM is readying the release of more information regarding the preliminary agreement to sell HUMMER. This morning, GM’s release didn’t mention any buyers but speculation has been swirling around China’s Sichuan Tengxhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company . We’ll keep you posted as soon as we …

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NY Times Reporting HUMMER Buyer is China’s Sichuan

The New York Times is reporting that a government official from China has confirmed that Sichuan Tengxhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company is the last investor standing in the HUMMER brand sale, and is the company that GM has reached a preliminary agreement with. Sichuan is a private company, but the …

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