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GM Considered Releasing HUMMER Models as GMCs


The dust surrounding GM’s decision to shutter the HUMMER brand had just about settled when new rumors of select models living on under a different General Motors brand. Posts over on ClubHummerOffroad.com suggested that GM may be considering releasing the H3 and HX model under the GMC nameplate. A source …

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Not All HUMMER Dealers Throwing in the Towel

When dealers around the country and around the world received the message that a “wind down” of the HUMMER brand was imminent, most were trying to decide what to do with the cash buyouts from GM and what to do with their remaining inventory and expensive, unique facilities. We know …

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Last HUMMER H3 Rolls off Shreveport Assembly Line

Around 9AM Tuesday, the last HUMMERs rolled of the line in Shreveport, Louisiana – the site that has produced all HUMMER H3s and H3Ts cruising around the United States today. The final trucks were part of the special fleet order that brought the plant back online to produce an additional …

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Transformer HUMMER Inspires Chinese Emergency Vehicle

You may remember Ratchet – the HUMMER H2 turned movie prop from Transformers named Ratchet. In China, similarly equipped vehicles may be used as real-life emergency vehicles. That is, if they can find the trucks… These shots were taken at the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment, where several HUMMER …

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Ohio National Guard Part of Green HUMMER Project

The Ohio National Guard has teamed up with CNG-Ohio to convert a HUMMER H2 into a natural gas fueled vehicle. The joint venture chose natural gas due to its abundance and limited pollutants – with the end goal of being less depended on foreign oil if the idea catches on. …

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HUMMER Club Plans Kentucky Event

No matter what happens with HUMMER, there will still be passionate owners that love to experience the outdoors and wheel their trucks. A month from now, The HUMMER Club will be holding an off-road event in Harlan County, Kentucky. The event will run Thursday, May 13th to Saturday, May 15th. …

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