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All the Hummer news that’s fit to print: Hummer-related announcements, off-beat news, and more.

Joplin Teen Missing After Tornado Strikes HUMMER H3

Update 5.28.2011: The following was posted on the Find Will Norton Facebook page late last night: “Everyone, tonight is a sad night for us. I’m sorry to tell you that Will was found but he was not alive. We are grieving deeply. It brightens our lives to know that even …

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No Loyalty to GM from Orphan Brand Owners

Over three million Americans currently drive vehicles produced by one of three brands General Motors decided to shut down in the last couple years: HUMMER, Saturn, and Pontiac. GM is hoping to transition these customers into vehicles it currently produces, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting nearly 70% of …

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Jim Taylor was the last in a line of top HUMMER execs, and piloted the brand through it’s last two years in existance with General Motors. He understood what the brand was about, and had engaged directly with enthusiasts – including HummerGuy.net. According to a new interview with Edmunds.com, Taylor …

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HUMMER H3 Alpha Custom Slantback Goes Offroad

There are custom HUMMERs, and there are custom HUMMERs. We’re not talking about over-the-top chrome and TVs everywhere either. This is the one-of-a-kind HUMMER H3 Alpha that has been transformed into an off-road beast. We first saw some cell-phone pics of this bad boy about a year ago – and …

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Two U.S. Teams head to Morocco for Gazelle Rally, Both to Use HUMMERs

Last March we covered Emily Miller, professional off-road racer for Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER, while competing in the Moroccan desert in a HUMMER H3 for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. A quick refresher on the event – women only, no GPS, no support crews, and 50+ checkpoints. Only …

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HUMMER Sends Complimentary Maintenance Card to Owners

I’ll admit it – when my fiancée was thumbing through the mail and she said, “You got something from HUMMER,” my first response was, “It’s probably an offer for $1000 off a Chevy.” Upon opening it, I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Enclosed was an offer of four complimentary …

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