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Team Hummer Begins Final Preparations

The start of the Baja 1000 is now just a day away, and in the last couple weeks, Hummer has been putting the finishing touches on two new race trucks. The new Hummer H3 and Hummer H2 SUT race trucks started out like any other production trucks, then shipped off …

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Jet Powered Hummer H3 runs on Veggie Oil, gets 60 mpg

Every aspect of SAE Energy’s new project Hummer H3 is groundbreaking – and put them all together, and it’s unheard of. Johnathan Goodwin, Co-Founder of SAE, is putting a 60,000 RPM, turbine, jet engine into an H3. Sounds impressive doesn’t it? But that’s not all. The new engine will run …

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Hummer officially announces production of H3T Pickup

The spyshots have been around and the rumors swirling – now GM has made it official that production of Hummer’s first pickup truck, the H3T, will begin next year. Slated to hit dealerships the Summer of 08, the Hummer H3T will be larger than a midsize truck, and smaller than …

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Hummer Showcases H2 Safari at 2007 SEMA Show

Monday is the official start of the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas, and the “Hummer H2 Safari Off Road” is one of two Hummer concepts on display. Hummer’s metal to glass ratio is a feature that many, for safety and aesthetic reasons, find appealing. But what do you do …

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