Adventure Photographer uses HUMMER for African Safari

African HUMMER H3

Chris Collard of Adventure Architects, a travel and adventure photography enterprise, set out on a nearly two month African expedition just days ago – and his vehicle of choice is none other than a HUMMER H3.

African Adventure HUMMER H3Aside from the ARB Bumper and some other cargo accessories, the H3 appears to be fairly stock. Running stock vehicles in rough desert isn’t new for HUMMER, with Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER doing it several times a year. Although Collard’s trip will be a bit slower paced, the danger level may be even more extreme. The longest stretch without fuel stop will be over 700 miles – add in a few lions, leopards, and other predatory animals and you’ve got quite the combination.

Overall the trip will cover span over 6000 miles, eight African countries, and is set to be featured in National Geographic magazine. Check out a more detailed trip schedule after the jump.

Lesotho: 5-day east/west transect of central Lesotho, a place seldom seen by westerners.

Kalahari: 1,200km north/south transect including Khutse and the remote western rim of the Central Kalahari, Deception, Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan.

Okavango Delta: 3-day mokoro (dugout canoe) island hopping on through the Okavango.

Whitewater of Zambezi: 48-hours on Southern Africa’s wildest river.

Zambia: Explore the untraveled regions Kafue NP and trace the lower Luangwa River valley

Malawi: Kayaking the western shores of Lake Malawi

Tanzania: Transit crossing of southern Tanzania to Mozambique

Mozambique: 7-days, north/south of the Mozambique coastline including a hiking trek in the Quirimba Archipelago

Swaziland: Hlane NP

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  1. Not only did he choose the right truck, he chose the right color.