Air Horn Upgrade for HUMMER H3 – Project Truck

Air Horns next to the HUMMER H3 Stock Horn

With the addition of our H3’s on-board air system, we not only opened up the possibility of re-filling our tires after a day of off-roading without limping at 16PSI to the nearest shady gas station, we also opened up the possibility of adding a new safety feature: Air Horns.

OK, I’ll admit, the horns are also good for amusement purposes – but they do have a legitimate safety function. After these were first installed, I was driving down the highway in a torrential downpour with water splashing everywhere and rain pounding on the windshield when a semi started to coast into my lane – I had a median on the other side and a car behind me. Given the weather and the distance between the H3 and the cab of the semi, do you think the driver (who wasn’t paying attention to begin with), would have heard the stock H3 horn and moved over? Doubtful – but if you’re willing to risk your truck (and yourself) – that’s up to you. I’ve seen drivers hobble away from H3 vs semi accidents without major injury – but I’m still sticking with avoiding those situations.

Back to our new safety feature.

The major work of powering the horn was already in place with the on-board air system. At the top of the tank, we installed a T connector – one side goes to the access valve on the bumper, the other has a line directly to the air solenoid. This is the piece that electronically regulates the air flow into the horn. We opted for this cleaner install, but if you prefer to have a manual, chain-driven air-flow stopper in your cab – by all means – knock yourself out.

The horns are from Grover Air Horns – the Dual 1600 Truktone. We chose the black painted option since these were to be installed behind the chrome grille as discretely as possible.

Wondering what they sound like? Check out the video below (available in HD) for a before and after.

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  1. Okay, I needed some inspiration to get my air horns installed. I am in the process of installing a relay block which will include all my add-on relays for the off-road lights, horns and compressor. I bought a set from Assured Performance (ACHRSK-106). They are rated at 147db and have a great big-rig sound (