HUMMER H3 crushed, driver suffers only minor injuries.

2008 Hummer H3 Crash

We know that HUMMERs are safe vehicles, they do after all have a 5 star frontal crash rating, the highest any vehicle can receive. Reinforced doors, standard roof rail air bags, low glass ratio, and being built to take a beating all play a role in keeping occupants of the HUMMER H3 safe. The incredible safety benefits were realized first hand when a Sewell Hummer customer was in a 2008 HUMMER H3 loan car while their vehicle was in for service. The HUMMER H3 was struck from behind by a cement truck, then crushed underneath a semi truck. Amazingly, the vehicle’s driver and sole occupant only suffered a broken leg along with some scrapes and bruises.

We hear stories of these amazing accidents all the time – and individuals swearing they’ll never buy another vehicle because having a HUMMER saved their life. This one hit a little closer to home since it was in our backyard one of our customers. We hope this doesn’t happen to anyone, but we’re glad to see how well HUMMERs stand up in the worst scenarios.

2008 Hummer H3 Crash Drivers Airbag

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  1. built like a tank.

  2. Do you notice how the front lower bumper, driver’s side mirror, and front wheel are still in good condition?

  3. yeah but the impact to the front probably cam from the front right (front passenger)

  4. I can tell you one thing, that Hummers are “Like Nothing Else.”

  5. I personally drive an H3 and i was worried about their crash test safety ratings until i saw these photos. This is truly amazing that the driver was not more severely hurt. I think i can drive around in peace now… Thanks

  6. Obama killed Hummer and Saturn as he killed the non union plants of GM only 4 more years and he is out!