Ask Jim Part 1: 2010 Production and Diesel HUMMER Models

We’ve received the responses from the latest round of questions sent from readers to HUMMER’s CEO Jim Taylor, and the responses were so numerous it became necessary to split them up. We’ll start with the questions regarding 2010 HUMMER production and the possibility of diesel HUMMERs in the United States.

Jim Taylor’s note to readers:

On behalf of the entire HUMMER team, thank you all for taking the time and interest in HUMMER to submit your questions. I tried to answer as many as possible, and if I didn’t get to your specific question, hopefully I answered it in a similar question submitted by someone else.

The past few months have been both busy and exciting for the HUMMER team. We have resumed production of the 2010 H3 and H3T; introduced the H3 Moab and H3T Sportsman Concepts at the 2009 SEMA Show; earned two more Baja 1000 stock class victories through the efforts of Rod Hall Racing; and are working diligently to close the transaction so we can begin life as a new, independent HUMMER.

I’ll continue to make myself available through so be sure to check back regularly.


Questions and responses after the jump.

Questions & Responses

Name: Martin Campos from Silverdale, WA

Question: Are we expecting any H3/H3T diesels and when?

Jim: We currently plan to introduce a diesel in the H3 in the first half of 2010 for sales outside North America. The combination of great low-end torque and improved efficiency make diesels a good fit for HUMMER. We are currently working to find diesel solutions for the U.S. market, which has the most stringent emissions standards in the world.


Name: Aron from Utah

Question: Are you bringing back the H2? Do you plan on a diesel in the H2? The H2 is my absolute favorite vehicle in the world and I would hate to see it go.

Jim: We are currently working to resume production of the H2 in the first half of 2010. We believe a diesel would be a good fit for HUMMER models and we are working to find a diesel solution that meets customer expectations and future emissions standards.


Name: Tony Candeloro, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Question: I ordered a 2010 Hummer H3T on Sep 12 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

When can I expect to see delivery of the vehicle?

Thank you

Jim: Thank you for supporting the brand! We were able to resume production of the H3 and H3T for North American markets several weeks ago. I cannot estimate when it would be delivered without your order number. Chances are that if it was ordered in September, it will be produced before the end of the year. If you would like to send your order number to nick.richards (at), we can look up your specific vehicle and contact you directly with timing.


Name: Josh, New Hampshire

Question: Hi Jim,

It seems that although production is beginning, the dealer network still has no information about how consumers can obtain a 2010 model H3.

Can you shed some light on how prospective buyers can go about getting a 2010 vehicle? Additionally will there be any incentive programs for those with leases ending in the next month or two?

Jim: We are working to get 2010 details to dealers as quickly as possible. Your HUMMER dealer should have model details and pricing, and has the ability to order 2010 H3 and H3T models. GM is currently offering very attractive incentives, including zero-percent financing or $3,500 cash back on the 2009 MY H3 and H3T vehicles, which will expire on 1/4/2010.


Name: Patrick, Spring Grove, Illinois

Question: Hi Jim, I have owned three H2’s one 2005, and two 2008’s I am looking forward to placing an order for a 2010 H2, but my dealer says that when they place the order, it gets canceled. Is there a timeline for H2 production to begin?

Jim: Thank you for your dedication to HUMMER. The H2 plant was closed in December 2008 as the brand was under review at that time. We are currently working with AM General to resume production of the H2 and anticipate new H2s starting production during the first half of 2010. First orders for dealers should begin within the next month.


Question: Will Hummer be offering the color Slate Blue Metallic for 2010? My 17 year old daughter totaled my 2007 H3. While she came out unscathed, I want to replace it with an exact replica. BTW – Hummer protected my daughter extremely well. That’s why I want another one.

Jim: Glad to hear the H3 protected your daughter, and sorry to hear the vehicle was totaled. Unfortunately, we stopped offering Slate Blue in 2008 and replaced it with All-Terrain Blue, which is a standard color for 2010.


Name: Jerry – Bradenton, FL
Question: Is the H3T and H2 going to be offered in Yellow for 2010? Also, in the long term will HUMMER’S sold in the USA be manufactured in the United States or in China?

Jim: We introduced three new colors for the 2010 H3/H3T, however yellow is not one of our current standard colors. We’ll announce the colors for H2 closer to start of production next year, though yellow is not slated to be a standard color. We are looking at it for potential special editions in the near future so stay tuned.

Long-term, it is our expectation that HUMMER vehicles will continue to be built in the US. The US is and will remain our largest market for the foreseeable future. That said, we will look to add future production capacity in China for sales in that market, should the Chinese market grow large enough to be financially viable.

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  1. Jim:

    I am beginning to feel like an ugly stepchild as an owner of an H2. It’s very nice to know that you “believe a diesel would be a good fit for HUMMER models”. Unfortunately, that is old news, as I think we all came to that conclusion shortly after the first production run of the H2 in 2002.

    AND, we still don’t know what the future holds for a possible diesel H2, not Hummer models generally. Can you tell us SPECIFICALLY, is there going to be a diesel option for an H2?

  2. orh2,

    Given the current state of the HUMMER brand in transition from GM to an independent brand, nothing is certain. Once the regulatory process is complete and the sale is done, HUMMER can start talking in definitive language. Until then, it’s up in the air.

  3. Will the H3 be built in Shreveport Louisiana after 2012? How about the H4 will it be built in Shreveport Louisiana

  4. LMT,

    Questions about production will be addressed in the upcoming days, though beyond 2012, HUMMER hasn’t made any announcements or decisions.

  5. @orh2:

    Following up on your comment: @Admin is correct that nothing is definitive until the deal is completed. Also, remember that we did plan a diesel for the next gen. H2 until GM shelved the 4.5L. We are now seeking an alternative diesel powertrain for the H2.

    Nick Richards
    HUMMER Communications Director

  6. When Hummer HX will be ready to sale in the market? It’s has been promote on 2008 at Detroit but till today I didn’t heard anything.
    Thank you.

  7. Wubaea,

    Stay tuned this week for more updates — plenty more folks have questions about future models!

  8. I love reading these Q&A segments! It’s great to see interest in the brand by my peers, as well as the sincere interest and answers given by the Hummer brand and its representatives. Excellent!

    As for Mr. Taylor’s comments on yellow potentially returning as an LE……I totally called that in ’07. 🙂

  9. Brian,

    Releasing bits and pieces of Mr. Taylor’s answers when you have them all is just plain mean! …..It’s good to be the king! 😉

  10. There’s just TOO much for a single post — don’t want to overwhelm anyone. 🙂

  11. Any news or answers on H4.

  12. Coming soon, tj!

  13. @admin

    Feel free to send it all to my email – it won’t overwhelm me!! 😉

  14. HUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Yea, I think a lot of us H2 owners are concerned with the diesel option. Hopefully it will also be a similar setup with whatever they do, and possible to replace old gas engines with a newer diesel!

  16. The opportunities are very few in the market and is losing his chance hummer.
    Customers are concerned about hummer future.
    Much analysis leads to paralysis. Hummer is in a big hole that will leave it very difficult