New Colors Added to 2010 HUMMER Lineup

2010 HUMMER Colors

Amidst the acquisition of HUMMER playing out (it’s possible we may have some answers today, according to several news reports), we’ve received the first information about the 2010 HUMMER lineup. Since most the upgrades due out in 2010 were put on hold, (e.g. next generation H2, V6 for H3), we won’t see any major differences in the 2010 HUMMER model year. However, there will be four new colors to the 2010 HUMMER lineup.

Given the wide variation in colors, especially those including metallic elements, we took two photos (seen above) that show the differences in the paint when exposed to different lighting conditions.

2010 HUMMER H3:

Replacing Graphite Metallic (which we hold dear to our hearts) will be Canyon Metallic, which is a darker color that has some very light touches of green.

Replacing Boulder Gray will be Silver Stone Metallic, which is a brighter, true-silver color that looks brilliant.

Red Rock Metallic will be a new color for 2010 H3s, and is strikingly similar to the previous color, Sonoma Red, that was only available on certain trim levels.

2010 HUMMER H2:

Replacing Graystone will be Storm Metallic, which is very similar to the Carbon Metallic offered in the 2009 H3 Models.

Silver Ice, which was only available previously in a limited edition model, will be a standard color for the 2010 HUMMER H2.

Those are the four new colors, and here are all the options (new and old) for 2010 HUMMER models:

2010 H3 and H3T:

Solar Flare Metallic
All Terrain Blue
Birch White
Victory Red
Red Rock Metallic (New!)
Canyon Metallic (New!)
Silver Stone Metallic (New!)

2010 HUMMER H2 and SUT:
Silver Ice Metallic
Birch White
Storm Metallic

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  1. georgieboysobota

    when do the 2010 vehicles hit dealerships? monthwise

  2. Hummer Aficionado_VT

    I don’t understand the picture…. Each color has two colors? Can you explain that a little more? Thanks Brian!

  3. Hummer Aficionado_VT

    Scratch that – didn’t see the whole post at first!

    Storm looks good!

  4. Try READING….College Boy….;)

  5. BTW…Yeah, STORM and RED ROCK looks SWEET!!!!

    Hell, so does SILVER STONE……

  6. Lets just hope there is a VEHICLE MADE with any of those collors to choose from., but of course i will buy another black on black.

  7. Sad that the v6 was put on hold…guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for the H3t