Barack Obama drives a HUMMER H1?

Mon, Nov 3, 2008

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Barack Obama HUMMER H1

We try and stay out of politics as much as we can, but when HUMMERs mix with politics – we’re sort of obligated (e.g. Schwarzenegger). So here’s a somewhat surprising vehicle. This HUMMER H1 was spotted in California sporting a huge political ad for Barack Obama.

I’m sure there are many within the left wing that would be extremely opposed to such a vehicle, so what is the point? Does he think it will bring votes in from the right? Or is it because HUMMERs, especially H1s, are great attention-getters? Probably more of the latter, although, I can’t imagine that Obama’s HUMMER would be very effective given the conflicting message.

No matter who you’re voting for, remember to do it Tuesday!

Source: Flickr via Jalopnik

3 Responses to “Barack Obama drives a HUMMER H1?”

  1. thatmanoverthere Says:

    Why the surprise? Theres a Mc Cain hummer going along and I know a fair number of H1 owners who support Obama even though that seems to be in the minority compared to the stereotype that Hummer owners are republicans by default.

    I’d slap a Obama bumper sticker on my truck except that if anything, I tend to leave the political bumper stickers off my vehicles, as it tends to invite vandalism. I can only imagine a Mc Cain / Obama sticker on a prius/hummer parked in the wrong area will attract unwanted attention.

  2. georgieboysobota Says:

    i live in britain and we have loads of coverage of the US election, it even has its own channel, i doubt you have coverage of our election for prime minister?

  3. georgieboysobota Says:

    just found this – looks like other HUMMER owners share a different point of view: