California Company Turns HUMMER H2s, H3s into Convertibles

Convertible HUMMER H3

Although HUMMER has toyed with canvas roofs in the past and the HX is borderline convertible, a true convertible hasn’t been available since the demise of the HUMMER H1 and its soft-top model. HUMMER is in the company of many auto manufacturers who never intended their products to be convertibles, but Newport Convertibles in California will transform almost any model into a convertible, including an H2 and an H3.

Al Zadeh, a USC engineering school graduate has been making convertibles out of cars manufacturers never intended to go topless for a long time, and may have even helped push some manufacturers into action. In 1998 he was busy producing convertible Volkswagen beetles (the new style) nearly two years before they came out. He one-upped Chrysler in similar fashion with convertible versions of the Crossfire and PT Cruiser. Although the Photoshop skills could be improved, I’m looking forward to seeing their final version of the convertible GMC Express Van!

The jury is still out on whether the HX, HUMMER’s closest convertible concept, will see the light of day. Though, if you had the cash, we’re betting you may just be able to get Newport Convertibles to make you a Faux HX!

Convertible HUMMER H2

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  1. The Hummer H1 had a convertible. It looked a bit funny however because it was so wide but really delivered on the open air feeling. Gave Big Sky Country a whole new meaning….

  2. Good call, Philly – how soon we forget! Correction made.

  3. my husband trys this to my sut everytime he pulls in a parking garage i love the look

  4. Well, safety is out #$@%&* window