Rumor: Chinese Copycat Automaker to Produce HUMMER HX Lookalike

If there’s one thing the Chinese do well, it’s taking someone else’s idea and capitalizing on it in their anything-but capitalistic society. Chinese car manufactur Dongfeng, who already makes a Humvee knockoff, is rumored to be interested in producing a HUMMER HX lookalike.

Below are some additional images provided by ChinaCarTimes on what the vehicle may look like.

The HX concept vehicle debuted at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, and was on track to become a production model called the H4. GM was forced to sell or shut down HUMMER, and after the Chinese government blocked one of the more viable offers, GM was left with only one choice under the bailout requirements to cull the herd of GM brands.

Before anyone asks (I know there will be a few who do…) I highly doubt ANY of these will be available outside China, and I’m not even sure that more than a few will be produced there anyway.

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  1. Sign me up…ship immediately.
    If our auto makers won’t provide for a market…

  2. Not as good as the real thing but not bad.

  3. A knock-off made in China? This makes me a sad panda.

    The JK continues to be a profitable seller even with $4/gal gasoline. Had the Hx been produced it would have saved Hummer and helped GM’s image. I mean, taking the “anti-green” vehicle line and making it into a 26 mpg V6 powered fun-mobile?

    If that couldn’t save an auto company I don’t know what could. Ditching the Hx was a big mistake. Oh well, I’m tired of everyone brooding over it. Me included.

    My next new vehicle will likely be a JK.

  4. PS: The Dongfeng version looks like garbage. It has much too tall of a profile to resemble the concept. But then again, I’d probably be madder if it actually looked like the real-deal concept.

  5. I wouldn’t bother with the JK. They are junk. I have an 08 and its a nightmare to own. I was going to trade it in for an HX but thats not happening.