Custom Convertible HUMMER H2 Spotted in Dubai

Convertible HUMMER H2

As a playground for the rich, Dubai sees its fair share of expensive whips. Hell, even their fire department has custom HUMMERs. Recently, this convertible custom HUMMER H2 made its way to the equally extravagant Emirates Palace Hotel.

The H2 has extended fender flares, faux hood-scoop with lights, custom paint and red interior, and what looks like a custom windshield. An interesting ride to say the least! Give us your thoughts in the comments section – tacky? Cool? Both?

Convertible HUMMER H2

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  1. only in dubai. i once saw a matte black convertible mercedes G wagon sitting next to a chrome ferrari 599 in the parking lot of a fancy London hotel, both with Arabic number plates.

  2. Kinda ugly. Better not roll it, you’d be screwed. There’s a Mercedes C63 AMG (it’s an axe murderer with headlights -Jeremy Clarkson) covered in gold spotted in Dubai.

  3. Hummer Aficionado_VT

    I would say a cool idea executed quite tack-ily.

    Thought it was a chop of the “H4” for a second! lol

  4. It’s ghetto-tastic!