Dallas Fort Worth HUMMER Vandal Arrested

Fri, Sep 19, 2008

Hummer News

Geezer HUMMER VandalAfter a few days of media coverage, the DFW HUMMER vandal that was caught red handed on surveillance cameras is out on $1000 bail after turning himself in to local authorities.

JeppeDFWHummerVandal72 year old James Andrew Jeppe was identified by several tipsters on Thursday before surrendering Friday. The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that Jeppe was charged with criminal mischief, and investigators say they suspect he committed the crimes because of “financial stress.” I don’t know many folks that would choose this path if they were in financial trouble, but we’ll wait to see if he has any comment.

Right now Jeppe has only been charged with the September 5th incident, but investigators are trying to see if any others are linked.

5 Responses to “Dallas Fort Worth HUMMER Vandal Arrested”

  1. MrWizard Says:

    Any idea what system this was which was in the truck? I want one for my hummer !!

  2. Victoryred7 Says:

    Yes, I would like to know also. Maybe the name of the company that makes it or the name of the camera system. Glad this jerk was caught…

  3. MrWizard Says:

    They should give him community service .. at the car-wash

  4. Victoryred7 Says:

    Community service at a local Hummer dealer and have him wash Hummers all week…With damaging 5 Hummers he may have to pay at about $2,000.00 per Hummer that could be $10,000.00!!! Hope he has deep pockets….

  5. offroader613 Says:

    That could almost buy me another Grand Cherokee.