First Look: HUMMER H3T Pickup Truck Coming This Summer

HUMMER H3T Pickup Moto
Today started out with some grainy HUMMER H3T scans, and ended with a complete embargo break – mostly in part by the angry folks at, who were upset with Truck Trend’s ‘accidental’ embargo break that hit newsstands well before the scheduled embargo date. For a more complete breakdown of the events, check out Jalopnik’s coverage (be sure to check out their Motor Trend embargo break story – pretty amusing). At any rate, here is our HUMMER H3T breakdown:

The HUMMER H3T Pickup Truck will be shown in public for the first time at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show. The new truck in HUMMER’s portfolio will have a five foot bed, and is based on the H3. That means seating for five, 32 inch tires, full-time four-wheel drive, Stabilitrak, and side curtain air bags will be standard on the H3T. Not standard on the HUMMER H3T is the V8 engine, which similar to the H3 (at least until the H3 Championship Edition), will only be offered only as part of the Alpha trim level.

“With its unique size and HUMMER traits, the H3T is ideal for the customer who works hard and plays harder,” said Martin Walsh, HUMMER general manager. “It offers the combination of truck versatility and HUMMER off-road prowess that delivers customers to the trail in style.”

HUMMER H3T Pickup Side One interesting point about the drivetrain, the HUMMER H3T is the only midsize truck to offer front and rear locking differentials. Along with full-time four-wheel drive, that option helps HUMMER stay true to their off-road heritage.

Vehicle accessories are an important part of the HUMMER brand, which is why the H3T will have one of the broadest accessory portfolios of any vehicle. The truck bed will offer several storage boxes, and even an adjustable bike chock to secure your bike or ATV. Other accessory options will offer improved off-road ability, passenger entertainment, and of course, exterior styling. In all, over 75 official HUMMER accessories will be offered. For the first time prior to production, HUMMER has partnered with several aftermarket companies to produce more than 50 officially licensed products for the H3T . Among them are hard tonneau covers, bedslides, and even a slant-back option. I guess that spy shot from the Baja 1000 chase vehicle wasn’t so far fetched!

HUMMER H3T Pickup BedMany people were concerned about the inherent off-road inabilities of a pickup truck, but it looks like the HUMMER H3T will have the best off-road ability in its class. The H3T will be able to climb a 60 percent grade and traverse a 40 percent side slope – the same as H3, H2, H1, and military Humvee. Not bad. The ground clearance is a step above H3 and H2 at 10.2 inches with the optional 33inch tires. Front and rear locking differentials will also be a first for any HUMMER model other than H1, as well as any midsize pickup. The H3T will also have HUMMER Hill Hold Assist – which we need more info on, but it sounds like some sort of system that stops the vehicle from rolling backward on a steep incline.

When we talk to anyone at General Motors, it isn’t cars and SUVs that are keeping the lights on – it’s pickup trucks. Even though the economy fluctuates, the demand for pickup trucks stays relatively unchanged, probably due to the segment of the population that needs a pickup truck for certain lines of work. HUMMER is hoping to capitalize on their reputation of having unique styling, great off-road ability, and America’s love for the pickup to make the HUMMER H3T a success. The H3T will begin production in September of this year.

HUMMER H3T Pickup Rear
HUMMER H3T Pickup Truck Interior

Check out the full gallery at Autoblog.

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  1. and its an ALPHA?!

  2. I thought it would have a midgate like the H2 SUT. Or at least a roll-down rear window.

  3. so is it H3T or H3 SUT?

  4. Either way it’s sweet.