Gas Prices Fall, HUMMER Sales Unaffected

Contrary to the inverse relationship that fuel costs and HUMMER sales had earlier in the year, the sudden dramatic drop in gas prices has not produced a dramatic rise in HUMMER sales.

Hummer Gas Pump This past weekend, we were down in San Antonio and were able to fill up an H2 at 2.09 a gallon – the lowest fuel prices we’ve seen in years! That’s even significantly lower than the $2.50 average here in Dallas. But so far, the HUMMER dealership in San Antonio isn’t seeing any significant rise in sales on account of those lower prices according to a local HUMMER sales manager who spoke to WOAI News Radio.

“We’re not seeing a correlation between lower gas prices and Hummer sales. Things are still slower because we’re selling a high end luxury vehicle that cost anywhere between $30,000 and $60,000. Slower sales are really more to do with the economy.”

Perhaps he’s right – but with this change in fuel prices happening only recently, we think it’s too early to count-out a measurable increase. With that said, with current Chrysler/General Motors merger talks, HUMMER’s uncertain future, and stock market uneasiness not seen in years, it’s tough to pinpoint any single reason why HUMMER sales have been dismal compared to years past.

Source: WOAI, San Antonio

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  1. 96.9 pence for a litre in UK

  2. C’mon guys. Gas is down, but the damage is done. We all know it could go up again…and now we have seen first-hand what kind of impact that has on one’s wallet when you aren’t getting great mileage.

    Up until the recent spike in price, the story with Hummer and other gas thirsty vehicles was “what if”. Now people have a real world answer, and I don’t know if Off-road vehicles and Truck manufacturers will ever recover fully.

    Gas is too much like the stock market for anybody to have faith in the current price.