HUMMER Cancels Next Generation H3, Shelves H4


A couple days ago the Wall Street Journal was stirring the pot with vague statements about “killing off at least one future HUMMER SUV product.” It got our attention since the Wall Street Journal isn’t exactly known for publishing rumors. Details weren’t published immediately, presumably so they could check their statements for accuracy. After the facts were checked, this is what was published:

“Recently, GM killed plans for the next-generation H3, a relatively-fuel efficient SUV that had been popular among U.S. buyers, and shelved plans for a sporty H4 that would have competed with the Jeep Wrangler.”

Similar statements were also published on, along with speculation that General Motors may shed another brand in addition to selling HUMMER. Reports put GMC, Buick, and Pontiac as the most likely to be put on the chopping block. GM needed a radical turnaround plan, and it looks likes like one has been put in motion.

We haven’t heard much about the next generation H3, and we’re not sure what the life-cycle for the current H3 is either. This new info comes just a few months after it was discovered that the next generation H2 project was also canceled. With no current models being improved upon, and the only concept we know any details about being “shelved”, it looks like GM has made the decision to stop investing into something they know they’re selling soon. If GM is trying to build value in the brand (and increase their sales price) by pretending they still have interest in HUMMER, they’re not doing a very good job.

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One comment

  1. Why is it that GM gets to make the vehicle the public want then cancels it?
    Look at Oldsmobile, Pontiac Fiero, Camaro, Firebird!!!!