HUMMER H2 Days are Numbered

2008 Hummer H2
Actually, we should probably say the HUMMER H2’s ‘years’ are numbered, since ‘days’ would be inaccurate. Earlier, we announced that HUMMER has decided to discontinue their next generation H2, which was to arrive in showrooms sometime in the next few years. Now, we have more official information from HUMMER.

The next generation HUMMER H2 was going to be a total refresh on the vehicle, which would also allow the addition of the diesel option. Now, the H2 will see no such refresh or engine. How is HUMMER going to make good on their all biofuel lineup by 2010 commitment? HUMMER says the H2 will soon be e85 Ethanol capable.

This is a relatively sudden change in direction, considering just a month ago HUMMER’s #1, Martin Walsh, told us that the H2 is “an important part of our portfolio. We’re not prepared to talk about long-term future because frankly, that vehicle is here and it’s important to us. We haven’t had a discussion on whether it stays or not.”

That discussion seems to have taken place now, and the verdict is that the H2 is not staying. With that said, HUMMER has no plan to immediately pull the H2 from its portfolio. Reports have the H2’s end of production between 2011 and 2014, but keep in mind that three to six years in the automotive industry is a long time. HUMMER has not announced any official timeline for the H2, and will continue to refresh the current generation model. One upcoming option that we just learned today is that rear bucket seats will soon be available for the H2.

HUMMER’s strategy, although not currently evident in their showrooms, is evident with their actions and what they’re saying. HUMMER vehicles are getting smaller, and they’re being designed to have global appeal. The H3 is already seeing significant interest in overseas markets, and HUMMER’s smaller, future lineup will allow them to expand further.

When you think about the HUMMER brand in the future, you’ll think of a great off-road vehicle with iconic design that has global appeal. That means a switch to smaller HUMMERs, and honestly, after seeing the HX concept, we don’t mind!

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  1. Agreed! But as for 3 – 6 years not being long in the automotive industry….I’d like an Hx before I’m too old to want to use it. It shouldn’t take long…get at it!

  2. georgieboysobota

    ” HUMMER vehicles are getting smaller, and they’re being designed to have global appeal”

    HUMMER’s are known for many things and one of those is being huge, the other is for gas guzzling, if i wanted to save the world id get a prius, but no, i want a H2

  3. I’ve heard the H4 may be delayed also.