HUMMER Clubs Take The Road Less Traveled

RoadClosedTexas87HUMMER350Members from Club HUMMER Offroad and the Texas Gulf Coast HUMMER Owners Group (TGCHOG) joined together over the weekend to take on Texas 87. This road, if you can call it that, used to run from the Port Arthur area along the coast all the way to the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston.

The group left from Galveston and took the ferry over to High Island, a fairly desolate area but with paved roads. About 20 miles down is where the road was closed down and there were several signs warning against through-traffic.

After years of hurricanes and neglect, only small portions of the road still exist. In most parts, the only evidence of a road ever being there are a few square feet chunks of asphalt. While the area is mostly flat, there were some rocks, mud, and washboard areas that gave the trucks a little adventure for a Sunday afternoon run amongst 25 other HUMMERs.

We should be receiving some more action shots in the muddier areas soon – until then, enjoy these shots (Some courtesy of Club HUMMER Offroad member Steve#1 – the ‘founder’ of this trip).

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  1. Trip was a blast. Could not have asked for a better day for a run on the beech. TGCHOG did a great job of keeping everything organized. Kinda cool seeing my truck on the site. Glad you made it.

  2. Me too! Good to put some faces with the names.

  3. Hey MJ, Is that you with the Predator BG?

    Hey Brian, have you heard anything new about the deal yet this week?

  4. Not anything new — still just going through the layers for red tape with two governments, which is never efficient.

  5. That looks like a great time. I would love to travel some of the old abandoned parts of Route 66 some day.

  6. Looks fun!!! We have a old road that is under water during the summer months here… Its fun to drive on when the water is down!

  7. Is the general public allowed to access the road? Or would I need to make arrangements to drive on it?