Project H3 Gets Gobi Stealth Rack

When it comes to rack options for the HUMMER H3, there are plenty that fit on the H3, but very few that are made for the H3. Among those specifically designed for the H3 is the Gobi rack, a rack as tough as it is good looking, and also our first choice for roof-top hardware.

Gobi offers two main options for its H3 racks – and Stealth. Gobi hooked us up with the stealth version, since we still wanted to be able to fit the vehicle in our standard-sized garage without any issues. The ranger version is a little taller and gives the owner the ability to install significantly larger lights and makes transporting taller gear a little safer (as seen on HUMMER’s Moab concept at this past SEMA show). For our purposes, the slightly lower-profile stealth rack was perfect.

The Gobi rack is more than just a set-it-and-forget rack – it’s a foundation for so many other accessory options like full-perimeter lighting (it already has light tabs and enclosed wiring to the rear), roof-top spare tire carriers, roof-top tents, Hi-lift/shovel/axe storage, etc. That’s not to say the rack can’t stand on its own, since it will carry up to 300 pounds of whatever you can dream up as long as its evenly distributed and tied down, and 600 pounds of static load – plenty for you and your rooftop tent.

HUMMERH3GobiRack8CloseInstallation of the rack isn’t all that difficult – it’s as simple as installing the eight brackets, putting the rack on top of the truck (easiest with a buddy or two – it’s all of the 88 lbs Gobi says it is), then securing the rack to the brackets. Eight brackets to hold the rack onto the truck may seem like a lot, but distributing the weight around so many points is what allows the Gobi rack to be rated for much heavier cargo than other racks.

All H3 Gobi racks are bolted on with stainless hardware, so no drilling is required – we like this, since there are few things as unpleasant as drilling into a body panel based on instructions that have been translated into four different languages. Gobi racks are made in the U.S.A. (and so are the instruction sheets!), so if Four Wheeler’s install video isn’t enough for you, the included instructions are extremely thorough.

HUMMERH3GobiRack11ladderWe also opted for Gobi’s accessory ladder – since there’s no use in having a bad-ass rack if you can’t get to it easily. We were a little skeptical of the ladder’s installation as it only attached to the metal of the rear door, but after installing it, we were pleasantly surprised on how sturdy and firm it felt. The only thing we’d do differently is put a “no step” sticker in the kit to put on the plastic bumper piece that fits over the license plate and holds the light fixture for the plate – we only had to step on that once to realize it was probably a bad idea.

The rack has only made it to one event so far – the Texas 87 run put on by TGCHOG and Club HUMMER Offroad – where it was in the company of several other Gobi outfitted HUMMERs (all Ranger racks).

Among those who use their trucks for any type of adventure activity – whether it be skiing, canoeing, kayaking, wheeling, or camping – Gobi remains the only brand to make rack for the H3 that is in-line with HUMMER’s tagline: Like Nothing Else.

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  1. Do snorkel install next please.

  2. Gobi makes some excellent products, several of which grace my H2. The roof rack is not one of them. Being modular and having so many parts that are bolted together, in time, it inevitably tends to come loose and rattle, especially on rough roads. Solid, one piece racks are stronger and require less maintenance.

    It looks good though.

  3. We’ve had ours on for a few weeks, about 2k miles, and one quick off-road trip and everything is still going strong and tight – and we’ll let you know about long-term use as time goes by. As far as load capacity and product strength, we haven’t come across anything that comes close to the Gobi.

  4. Rola Rack….lol

    It’s a FOBI!

  5. Admin:

    The TomCat racks are welded one piece steel racks that, at the very least, match the strength of any Gobi. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gobi and I wouldn’t own their products if I felt otherwise. When it comes to any product for my H2, I opt for as much strength as possible, when I can get it.

  6. what do they make for H-2 ?

  7. Gobi makes similar configurations for the H2:

  8. Now, if they would only make H3’s to fit the roof rack!

  9. Your truck looks great! You are adding all the right accessories.

  10. Thanks, Slate!

  11. What beach is that?

  12. It’s an area by Sabine Pass – just south of Port Arthur, TX.