HUMMER H3 Getting new, more powerful base engine

Hummer H3t Moab

During the HUMMER H3T demonstration run in Moab this week,’s Mike Levine learned that the H3 family will be getting an upgraded base engine. GM’s 3.6L, flex-fuel V6 will replace the 3.7L in-line 5 cylinder as the standard HUMMER H3 engine. No specific timeline was given, but since HUMMER has declared an all-bio-fuel friendly lineup by 2010, we’re going with that model year!

HUMMER was also talking power-trains at the New York Auto Show this week — Autoblog helped confirm the North American HUMMER H3 will receive a diesel engine in the future. Martin Walsh hinted to us in Chicago that a diesel was destined for the U.S., and now we have further confirmation. An exact timeline wasn’t given, but we expect it model year 2011 or later – we’d LIKE it model year 2010!


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  1. Is that the engine thats in the TrailBlazers?

  2. No, that was a 4.2L I6 in the TrailBlazers.