HUMMER H3T Mules Go Off-Road

Prior to the embargo-break-debacle that was last Friday, some of the lucky folks at HMR Magazine got to take some HUMMER H3T pre-production mules and put them through their paces. The HMR crew took the H3Ts to the High Sierras, and they liked what they saw. For those of you concerned with the off-road-ability of the H3T, check out this selection from the article:

I must admit, having spent a considerable amount of time off-roading in the Sierra, I had concerns about the length of the H3T. I was expecting to spend the majority of our days making 3 and 4 point turns around trees and boulders or dragging the spare tire (which is mounted under the bed) on the ground. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case at all! In fact, the H3T performed better on the more difficult sections of the trail than its sibling H3. Its longer wheelbase and locking diffs proved to make the trail almost effortless with the truck easily swinging around tight turns and bounding over large boulders like a Yellow Lab looking for a tennis ball. Even without the use of the lockers the trucks traction control system was more than ample to move the 3T along the trail.


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  1. Makes me want one even more, my Jeep wouldn’t be to happy then.