HUMMER Sale Looking Unlikely

While many of us were hoping for a last-minute miracle to save the HUMMER brand, signs from Detroit are indicating that HUMMER production will soon cease indefinitely.

GM is maintaining that HUMMER is in the wind-down process, though when pushed for confirmation that they were still evaluating offers, GM would not offer comment – a much different stance than when HUMMER’s CEO confirmed in February that they were evaluating offers and HUMMER fans were told to keep hope alive.

In addition to a different position on negotiations, GM has also reassigned senior HUMMER staff members to other posts within GM. While HUMMER dedicated staff has been minimal in the last few months anyway, as of today, it’s unclear how many (if any) are still working directly on keeping the brand alive.

A Chicago-based investment firm is organizing a summit this Sunday for key HUMMER stakeholders (dealers, leaders of HUMMER clubs, etc) though it appears that such a meeting may be unproductive if GM isn’t willing to evaluate any more proposals. GM confirmed they were aware of the summit, but said they had not received an invitation nor had any plans to send representation.

We will keep you updated as we know more about the meeting in Chicago and what role (if any) it may play in the wind-down process of HUMMER.

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  1. So Brian, will you end up at a Chevy dealership or another GM dealership? Granted, you will be the biggest Hummer fan around… but what are you plans for your career? Just curious!

  2. I’ve been out of the dealership scene for about 10 months now – so the personal impact (other than a devoted fan) is minimal.

  3. What about putting GMs duramax diesel and it’s hybrid system on the H2 and the 3.8 litre V6 and the hybrid system on the H3?

    What would the mileage be for both?

  4. The diesel had to come w/ the redesign since it wouldn’t fit in the current H2 – and a V6 was to become the new standard engine in the H3…GM should have moved quicker to make both those changes and it may have lived on.

  5. hopefully you hooked up with something just as – or more lucrative! sucks all around!

  6. I’m sad to read of this update that i want one of the h2 this summer hopefully someone came out to keep alive the hummer brand.

  7. I wish Hummers were sold at Cadillac dealerships. I believe the brand would of survived that way. Kind of like GMC/Buick…