GM to Wind Down HUMMER After Unsuccessful Buyer Search

GM announced privately to its dealers this morning via conference call that it would begin the wind-down process of the HUMMER brand after an exhaustive search to find a buyer was unsuccessful. According to dealers we spoke with, GM indicated they would soon receive letters containing the announcement and an explanation of the wind-down process.

Earlier this morning, we learned that many senior HUMMER staff members had been reassigned, and the conference call to dealers confirmed that GM does indeed to shut down the HUMMER brand indefinitely.

We will bring you more information as we know more.

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  1. I told you Richard !!!

  2. Its sad that we wont see any further R&D for the Hummer Brand. GM really had a chance to take over the off road market. Well its time to start parting out the mall queens and the junk yards for parts….So upset with GM right now!!!!

  3. It’s been a fun ride Brian!

    I appreciate all the work you have done with the website and keeping us informed!

    If you’re ever in the NYC area look me up. I got a beer with your name on it!

  4. Last time I checked we all still have HUMMERs – the fun isn’t over yet! (but I may take you up on a Beer anyway…)

  5. so where is Richard..”mr Positive” now??

  6. Has a car brand that has been shut down ever came back years later?

  7. Will this site continue even though there will be minimal HUMMER news now?

  8. There may not be news from the corporate side, but I believe people will be using and wheeling their HUMMERs for some time. We’re not going anywhere.

  9. Sad day for Hummer. A brand with more customer loyalty and awarenes then any other and GM could not sell it. Shame on GM! Razor wanted it and did all they could but GM did not want to sell it. As an American I am ashamed at GM. I understand they needed the government to help bail them out but to not recoup some of the money they owe and sell Hummer is a shame. Don’t let anyone tell you all otherwise, GM had a buyer, Razor. Razor wanted it and did all they could. This brand is nto being sold because of GM! It is goingt o cost them more to shut down because Hummer is a global brand not just a US brand. I am sure they forgot this.

  10. RIP Hummer HX.

    Had so much potential.

  11. @bobby jones.

    x2 brother. amen! I will never give GM another red cent out of my pocket. I am so disheartened with them.

  12. GM could have sold HUMMER. This last buyer met all their requests – even the unreasonable ones – to get this deal done. GM simply does not want to sell HUMMER. Maybe they are afraid of the competition with their SUVs. The current buyer has to decide if they want to use their clout and political friends to force the deal – could be sticky if they do that as they have to work with the GM players through the transition.
    3000+ jobs done the drain because GM doesn’t want to see another competitor!

  13. It is a truly sad day. I work for a automotive parts supplier and we have business on both H2 & H3. In fact, our company was on the H3 program from the start. I do not own a Hummer, but I have taken a lot of pride in being intimately involved with this vehicle. I really thought that GM would find a buyer. The Obama administration has not helped matters. Instead of touting the positive aspects of this great vehicle, they have made it the poster child for all things harmful to the environment (which is one of the biggest crocks of BS to ever come down the pike). The full size Silverado (also a great vehicle) doesn’t get any better mileage, but since it is a huge cash cow for Government Motors, nothing bad is ever mentioned.

  14. Don’t blame GM. Blame the idiots that ran it into the ground.

  15. Evryone knew about it but we could not believe it’s happening now, take care of our hummer as they will be like a museum piece, its value will be more symbolic.

  16. gm is really need a general overhaul in the entire management it is a huge messed to the hummer owner.

  17. Wait guys, Im sure Richard will chime in soon!

    Don’t worry. This is a common tactic that Corporations due when the moon is in the third hemisphere before a sale..

    They pretend to close and demolish all the dealerships so they can sell the brand for cheaper, then when the sale is complete they rebuild all the dealers with a drive through Starbucks in the back!

    No worries. HUMMER IS SAFE! Enjoy this beautiful day knowing HUMMER is safe.

  18. GM has killed the greatest off road vehicle ever.

    Boo GM!

  19. I really hope we see an H4 type of vehicle somewhere in GM’s line up at some point.

  20. Richard where are you ???

    Please tell us some good news

  21. I work at A.M. General and I worked on the H2 and I’am wery proud of the Hummer and I am very sad that GM did not try harder to sell the American Icon to somebody .

  22. One thing I do want to echo is that we still have our Hummers. My other 4X4 is a 1994 4runner that hasn’t been produced in 15 years. Has it stopped me from hitting the trail? Nope. Toyota isn’t out of business and neither is GM so let’s wheel.

  23. Hopefully a vehicle will emerge that I like even more than the HUMMER. I will still hang onto mine though. I planned on having it for many years to come in the first place.

  24. I was biting my lip for a while, but where’s Richard on this one? Hummer will continue to live on for a good while. Hopefully Hummer doesn’t become like Internationl Harvestors. I don’t seem them or hear about them at all anymore.

  25. I think our Hummers have better rust prevention than old Internationals. They should be around a long time.

  26. Nice…..seems fit that Jim Taylor is retiring. I thought he had said there would be “weekly updates” on the potential sale after the Chineese company fell through. Right, never saw any of the updates from him…THANKS JIM!! That means one thing…THERE WERE NO OTHER POTENTIAL BUYERS….because GM wasnt going to entertain any of them! I work at a Hummer dealer and have for over 2-years, I must say we have the most loyal customers and employees than any other brand I have worked for. This is a sad day and the biggest bunch of BS I have every seen. Thanks to Obama owned Government Motors……f-ing loser!
    The saddest part is that at a dealer level we arent told a damn thing from GM much less our franchise owners! We get screwed from all sides. Now I have to see how long we will stay open and service the current trucks out there…..I am scared to see how fast business will drop off…great looking for work in this crap Obama ran economy….wow cant we get a freaking break?

  27. It is a sad day to see Hummer go. There should be ample supply of Hummers out there when people continue to trade them in. I feel for all the employees who built the Hummer and represented the brand. GM ran Hummer into the ground, not the government. If people would read the news you would see that GM is paying back one loan 5 years early and are on track to sell shares to the public sooner than anticipated. That takes the goverment out of the equation. Toyota might have had something to do with that quick recovery 🙂 Sounds to me like shedding brands was the right thing to do. It is just very unfortunate that China basically put the hammer down on lending at the wrong time for the buyer. I will continue to buy Hummers, they will just be used from now on.

  28. This really sucks. I was planning on buying a 2010 or 2011 H2 model. My 2008 H2 is reaching warranty expiration and i wanted to buy a new one and was waiting for the “good news” that i could go back to my dealer and order a new one. Now i will just keep this truck for a long time. Nice move GM and this probably was not only the fault of GM but part of the “hope and change” that many voted for (not me) They want everybody to drive small vehicles. Next up is the killing of the 2500 and 3500 trucks… has anybody seen the price of those things lately? how about a 1500 suburban going for almost as much as i paid for my 2008 H2 ($62,000) I can’t understand why AM General can’t make the H2 in small numbers for a high profit, hell mark the thing up to 75K and i am in. They have a state of the art factory that is designed to handle large or small production runs easily.

  29. Thanks for the updates and info on this site. As an H1 owner, I’m sad to hear the latest news. I’d been checking this website several times a week for many months hoping to find out when I could be one of the first to put a deposit down on an Hx. Sad to hear it’s looking like it won’t be produced ever.

  30. HummerGuy,

    Thank you for your positivity, but I had a feeling this was going to be the result. Let’s take care of our Hummers for now and in 20 years we’ll be cruising on Main Streets all over driving classic American Icons.