HUMMER Sends Complimentary Maintenance Card to Owners

I’ll admit it – when my fiancée was thumbing through the mail and she said, “You got something from HUMMER,” my first response was, “It’s probably an offer for $1000 off a Chevy.” Upon opening it, I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Enclosed was an offer of four complimentary service visits good between now and the end of 2011.

The letter enclosed is a thank you for choosing the brand and a reminder of where the closest HUMMER service center is, along with the service offer of four free visits which include oil changes, tire rotations, and 27-point vehicle inspections. Since my truck was likely going to be warning me of critical oil life any day now, I was already planning an oil change and rotate. With thick-treaded tires like the Duratracs, I want to get the most even wear I can out of them — so far so good!

I’m not sure which owners got this – if its only those still under warranty? Only those who bought through a dealer? If you got one, weigh in below. Mine was a certified pre-owned bought from a dealer.

Having only ever taken my truck to San Antonio and Dallas HUMMER dealerships, this will give me a good excuse to check out the digs in Austin. Maybe I’ll even test drive a Chevy while I’m there. Eh – probably not.

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  1. I bought new and have not received one.

  2. I got mine in the mail yesterday, I took it down to where my HUMMER dealer (where I thought it used to be) and pleasantly found that it was still there, I bought mine used from my father, its an 2003 H2 Adventure, and they changed my oil with Mobil.1, rotation, inspection, everything, for no charge. I asked when they were shutting down, the manager said to be “rumor going around is that GM didn’t sell the brand because they may revive it some time down the road, until we hear otherwise we’re staying open.”

  3. Hope I get one of those. I didn’t but my HUMMER new, but I’ve got the long-term warranty.

  4. I hope your dealer is right Evan. That could be a reason they decided not to sell. Another could be that they don’t want the competition it might bring to their SUV market. The only reason to hold doubt that they would re-open HUMMER is gas is on the rise again. I read on Yahoo two days ago that a higher up that just left Shell predicts gas to climb to over $5 in 2012. The only way HUMMER re-opens is if technology takes a drastic leap and they could make an H2 that gets over 30MPG me thinks.

    I bought mine new but have not received this yet.

  5. I’ve now bought two HUMMER’s, neither from the dealer–but I have all my service done with Jerry Seiner HUMMER in Salt Lake.
    Sometimes I’ll receive mail from Chevy, or from HUMMER, but not in this case. It seems anything meant to save us money on service for the truck never makes its way to us!

  6. I received mine today. Bought my 2003 H2 new from dealer in Cincinnati and had all service work since done there. Was holding out for a new diesel H2 till GM pulled the plug and now will just keep my Hummer going as long as possible. LOVE this vehicle more than any I have ever owned which includes a LOT of luxury and sports cars and trucks.

  7. In order to bring Hummer back they need to develop a brand nwe engin that is more fuel efficient and still a little more powerful than the old one. Something like BMW uses on the X5 xDrive50i.
    Than take the hybrid technology from the new Escalade Hybrid (which should not be too hard since the escalade and H2 are both based on the GTM 820 platform) and wow! we got a brand new H2 that probably gets between 22 and 25 mpg.
    That kind of gas milage on a big Hummer would also increase the over the last few years very low sales figures in europe where gas is about three times as much as in the states.
    Of course a H3 with an improved fuel economy would supposably be more marketable but when it comes to off road vehicles bigger is still better!

  8. I received mine back in October ’10. I’ve used it once already. I was very happy to see the commitment to HUMMER owners. Just wish they would bring the brand back. Still a market for them.

  9. never got one for my 2008 H3 Alpha

  10. Bought two Hummer2s new from Sewell in last five years, but did not receive letter.

  11. Haven’t received one…bought H3T new in 2009.

  12. I did get mine, i just changed my oil (My Self) and put on a new pair of rubber all the way around the truck. I was so happy to get 65k miles out of the factory goodyear RTS tires. I was able to find the same tires for around $680.00. I will wait till March to bring mine into the local Chev Dealership. hopefully they honer it.

    the Bodysnatcher
    PS i did buy a new H3 in Baton Rouge, LA

  13. I have not gotten one of these for either of my H2’s bought from the same dealership.

    My 2003 is not under any warranty, and my 2007 is, and also has GMPP.

  14. Less than two year to go with Obummer. I’m still holding hope that HUMMER may return in years to come. 🙂

  15. HUMMER will be back. Send Obama to Cairo permanently. HaHa

  16. My wife and I each own H3’s and we both received a card for free service in 2011. Models are 2006 and 2008.

  17. Bought a 2008 H3 from Carmax. Had not received the complimentary card. Went to and clicked on Service and Warranty. Did a live chat with a customer service rep and asked if they could send me the maintenance card. She took name, address and VIN and said it would take 4-6 weeks to mail it to me. Good luck Hummer fans!

  18. Just went to live chat on and gave them my vin numbers and they said that the offer was not available in my area (Colorado).

  19. I got mine. 2003 H2 original owner.

  20. have not received the card,I own a 2009 h3 championship edition, but the dealer in NYC sucks!!!

  21. NO!… Noth’in…

    Always amazed – never surprised with the ineptness of GM.

    I love my H2 – currently converting it to CNG!

    It has been a 1.5 year process because we are always deploying… (National Guard)

    BEST American car I have EVER owned – PERIOD!

    GM & UAW really left AM General holding the bag on this one – a real shame!

  22. I bought my H3T new in Mar of 09′ in WA. I didn’t receive a card, but I got an e-mail for the 4 complimentary services. I just used my first one 2 weeks ago. The service guy said he has seen a lot of the mailer certificates but it was the first time he saw a electronic version.

  23. I have gotten two of these plans in the mail. I bought a 2010 h3 this past year and also in 2009 bought a h3t alpha. I was presently surprised to receive these due to the visits it covers are around $80.00 a pop around here. They do work too! I have used them at least 3 times now.

  24. I still haven’t got one, but I did get a letter from the HUMMER dealer reminding me about the free service offer from GM… It said “if you’ve misplaced, or haven’t received the one yet, NO PROBLEM! Just call or stop by.”

  25. Received the offer via e-mail and also by mail. Bought the H3T Alpha at Sewell in Plano, Tx. and my nearest authorized dealer is… drum roll… Sewell Cadillac in Dallas. I change oil once each year with synthetic and that time is nearing in May, so I’ll be visiting soon… the H3T rolled over 3,900 miles today and gets better with every mile !

  26. Jeff in St. Paul

    too funny…one finally showed up in my mailbox yesterday! bad timing, however, as I got my oil changed in February

  27. I received mine about a week or two ago for my H3T. It says it is good through 3/31/2012. Glad I didn’t throw it out (thinking it was promotional stuff) and came across this site with the information.