HUMMERs and Assault Rifles – Like Peas and Carrots?

LynchHUMMERGuns copy

“Hummers and guns just seem to go together,” said one HUMMER owner and attendee of Lynch HUMMER’s latest off-road event in Chesterfield, MO. In June, we learned that owner Jim Lynch was interested in expanding his local and online business by adding shooting accessories to the mix, and it looks like he’s already brought some firearms and ammo into the HUMMER showroom.

For those customers who didn’t know about Lynch’s plans to start offering shooting supplies, it may have been quite surprising to see various types of assault rifles and ammunition on the shelves that once housed HUMMER t-shirts and baseball caps.

To our knowledge, Lynch is still only selling the shooting merchandise locally at this time, since we were unable to find an online presence, other than his popular Adventure Accessories site that sells HUMMER products.

Even though General Motors lifted its requirement that HUMMER dealers hold off-road events for customers every year, Lynch HUMMER has continued to hold events at their dealership, which also has an off-road test-track area referred to as the “back 40.” Events like these are important since they provide a controlled and educational environment for off-roading, and attract many first-timers who may not feel comfortable linking up with a local 4X4 club just yet.

Below are some photos from the Lynch HUMMER happening in July of 2009.

Photo Credit: KS Trekker of Club HUMMER Offroad Forums

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  1. We’ve got a deal if you throw in a set of floormats and that nifty AR-15 carbine in the window…

  2. Tell you what, you buy the matching tactical shotgun and the seat mounts for them, I’ll throw in no charge scheduled maintenance for 48 months plus the gun locker for the cargo area.