Portland Police Search for HUMMER Vandal

HUMMERVandalism - CopyWe don’t enjoy these sorts of stories, but if spreading the word can help put the vandals behind bars (or at least on probation), we’re all for it. Vandals in Portland, Oregon targeted a HUMMER dealership this last weekend with what appears to be harsh chemicals.

As the pictures portray, the chemicals wreaked havoc on the HUMMER’s painted surface causing them to peel dramatically.

Police haven’t released a motive, though with many similar attacks in the past by environmental extremists, eco-terrorism hasn’t been ruled out.

Anyone with information about the crime is urged to contact the Portland Police department.

Source/Photos: KPTV Portland

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  1. Hi,

    Its probably brake fluid, that what it does on paint. Whatever it is, if this was done in the name of environmental protection or ecology, it is very misplaced. Dumping raw chemicals where animals and kids can readily have access to them is irresponsible in the best of scenarios. Never mind the environmental impact of the other chemicals needed to clean the mess, dust from sanding, solvents and paint from re-painting it etc. There are a lot of seemingly lesser offender vehicles out there with modified exhausts and anti-pollution systems that have a much worse carbon footprint than and H3. I have a B.Sc. in Aquatic Ecology and am driving my second H3 proudly.

  2. I really hope they find these losers.

  3. agreed^^

  4. That’s really good for the environment! :/

  5. Americans them self’s are destroying the brand that represents USA..

    YOU GUYS DONT appreciate your country and what you have.

    and that’s why your country is going down day by day.

    keep doing it show the world how stupid you are.