Vandal Admits to Damaging 5 HUMMERs, Supporting Sierra Club and Green Peace

Geezer HUMMER VandalThe Dallas area HUMMER Vandal that was caught red handed last week has admitted to vandalizing four other HUMMER H2s over the last three months. 72 year old James Andrew Jeppe also admitted to being a member of the Sierra Club and Green Peace.

The police report released today gave some insight to Jeppe’s character and motivation. According to the report, investigators first met Jeppe at his house when they informed him they were conducting a criminal investigation about the vandalism at South Lake Carroll High School. He said he was familiar with the crime after a friend phoned him saying that a person that looked like Jeppe had been caught on video scratching a Hummer. Jeppe then agreed to go to the police station for further questioning.

After reading Jeppe’s Miranda rights, detectives showed him photos of the incident. Jeppe explained he “must have a twin.” But after being questioned about his vehicle matching the suspected vehicle, Jeppe confessed saying “I’ve been frustrated lately – I did – I went in there and I did that truck.” When asked how he did it, Jeppe said “I walked up and saw the Hummer there, and I read about kids at Southlake Carroll driving $50,000 Hummers…I just looked at the truck and I just gashed it.”

Jeppe then told investigators that this was the only time he ever did this, and was afraid that he would be tied to other cases if he came forward. Investigators then told him about an eyewitness and more surveillance video that could put him at the scene of other infractions, at which point Jeppe admitted to vandalizing 4 other HUMMERs over the last three months. When asked why, Jeppe said it was because of the people that drive Hummers. “They have a big carbon foot print and they use 4 times as much gas as the rest of us do and I don’t think it’s fair.”

When asked if he was a member of any clubs, Jeppe said he was a member of the Sierra Club and Green Peace, and donates to both. The Sierra Club is America’s oldest and largest environmental organization, and Green Peace is an environmental organization that uses more fanatical approaches to their protesting.

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  1. “Key a HUMMER, save the world”.


  2. He said: “They have a big carbon foot print and they use 4 times as much gas as the rest of us do and I don’t think it’s fair.”

    That’s stupid! I have a Hummer H2 2008,and i use less
    gas than my 5.9 liter Dodge Durango, maybe he should key
    all the Durango also. Ignorant!

  3. or the Navigators, Excursions, and so on.