Racing with Team HUMMER: The Results

Brian with Team HUMMER
Yesterday, Team HUMMER and Rod Hall Racing had an extremely successful day at the Terrible’s Town 250, making a complete sweep of the three stock-class races, and a strong finish in the safari-class.

The #3111 HUMMER H3 finished first in the stock-mini class, the #4111 HUMMER H3 Alpha finished first in the stock-full class, and the #8111 HUMMER H2 SUT finished first in the stock-full-truck class.

Also notable was Emily Miller’s inaugural race with Rod Hall Racing. Piloting the #1810 HUMMER H2, Miller placed second in the safari-class.

More on the Terrible’s 250, race-day (in the truck!) with Team HUMMER, and Emily Miller’s unique story come.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    awsome dude! three gold one silver – is there like a winners ceremony or something, id love to see the video.