The Future of HUMMER Warranties


With GM’s announcement that HUMMER will no longer be a part of its brand lineup, many current and potential customers are asking the same question: What happens to my HUMMER warranty if GM sells or dissolves the brand?

HUMMER’s warranty is a contract between the manufacturer and the owner, and is currently backed by General Motors. If HUMMER is sold the new owner will take on the responsibility of the vehicle warranty. The transition may unnoticed by many, similar to Ford’s recent sale of Land Rover to Tata Motors. From an ownership and service standpoint, very little has changed – for better or for worse in Land Rover’s case.

The other scenario, in which GM simply dissolves HUMMER, the vehicle warranty is still intact. General Motors would specify certain dealers where warranty work could be completed, similar to when they dissolved Oldsmobile a few years ago.

In short, the HUMMER’s 4 year/50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty will be valid whether the brand is sold or dissolved.

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  1. Would GM still offer the GMPP for those who still own H2’s? Can you get a GMPP right now on one?

  2. Yes, GMPP coverage will still be available for H2 and H3 models.