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GM Awards Notre Dame’s (and now Cleveland’s) Brady Quinn with Hummers

30. April 2007

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In similar fashion last year’s NFL draft, GM has given the use of two Hummer H2s to one individual. Last year it was Heisman winner Reggie Bush – this year it’s Brady Quinn. Quinn will not actually own the vehicles, but will have unlimited use of two, 2008 Hummer H2s. Too bad for Quinn they […]

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Hummer Preview: 2007 SEMA Show

26. April 2007

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With registration for the 2007 SEMA show opening up recently, we’re stoked about what we’ll see this year. There’s been so many rumors flying around about the new Hummer truck (made official by Martin Walsh in November of ’06) and the production of a new, smaller Hummer model (made official by Martin Walsh several days […]

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25. April 2007


Even though it’s listed under the “Hummer Kids” section of, I found the new “Hummer games” section relatively amusing. One game in the spirit of Hangman is called “See the World” – upon successful completion of the phrase, you win accessories for your virtual Hummer of choice. My favorite called “Trail Blazers” (seen above) […]

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NEW Hummer H3T Spyshots Released

23. April 2007

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We found an interesting story on, via the Elcova Hummer Discussion boards. More spyshots have been captured of the Hummer H3T – a concept vehicle that has yet to be announced by the manufacturer. These look like the exact same vehicle that was captured in photos and video last October. We didn’t see any […]

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2008 Hummer Exterior & Interior Colors

21. April 2007

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We now can confirm that there will be several colors discontinued, and new colors coming, in the 2008 Hummer lineup. We knew that yellow was a goner for H2 and H3, and twilight maroon metallic’s demise was no surprise. However, it is now official that the H2 will discontinue one of its most popular colors: […]

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Hummer General Manager Discusses H4 coming in 2010

17. April 2007


According to GoAuto, an Australian automotive site, Hummer’s GM Martin Walsh has released details surrounding the launch of a new, smaller, Hummer. Walsh insists that the Hummer H4 would not compromise Hummer’s iconic design, or its commitment to off-road capability – “As we grow smaller, we must ensure that (Hummer) maintains these two characteristics.” “Our […]

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Hummer Runs on Ethanol, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, or Biodiesel

16. April 2007

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“Green” business and marketing is becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life. Car companies, energy companies, and even restaurants are appealing to your sense of green while vying for the green in your pocket. America’s interest in becoming more environmentally conscious isn’t slowing down – and neither are sales of America’s favorite go-anywhere four-wheel […]

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Imus Loses Radio Show, Keeps Hummers

13. April 2007

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Whichever side you’re on regarding the recent Don Imus debacle, you have to admit – he does a lot of good work with children’s charities. GM recognized that in the past and provided Imus’s ranch for cancer-stricken children Hummer H2s and Chevy Suburbans. Sales and Marketing Chief at General Motors Mark LaNeve announced they were […]

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Riding Shotgun with Rod Hall and Team Hummer

12. April 2007

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Riding shotgun in your buddy’s new Hummer can be fun – but riding shotgun with Rod Hall in his souped-up Baja 500 Hummer is a once in a lifetime experience! Fans may have their chance to do just that in a promotion from The GM sponsored website specializes in getting ‘behind the scenes’ footage […]

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Another Hummer Model Reaches the End of the Road

11. April 2007

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It’s official – another Hummer model will no longer be produced. However, I don’t think there will be as many people upset about the discontinuation of the Hummer laptop as say, the Hummer H1. The folks at Itronix have decided to end production of the Hummer laptops that were built to be extra rugged. The […]

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Hypocritical Debate over Hummer H3 continues in UK

10. April 2007


As the official vehicle of England Rugby, as well as a sponsor of several major equestrian events, Land Rover has an enormous amount of exposure in the UK. And, with over 250 sales and service locations in England alone, Land Rovers aren’t hard to find. So here’s my question – how does a car company […]

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