2010 H3 Spotted Sporting New Color


U.S. Production of 2010 HUMMER H3 and H3T models will begin Monday, but at least a few of each were produced earlier in the year for special events and testing. We saw the 2010 H3T debut during The HUMMER Club’s trip to Drummond Island, and this photo (taken at HUMMER’s off-road driving academy) is the first time we’ve seen a 2010 H3. It’s also the first time we’ve seen the new for 2010 Red Rock Metallic color.

The 2010 H3 doesn’t get any major styling or interior upgrades since the entire brand was in limbo for most of the year. Without knowing if the brand would be sold or shut-down, GM wasn’t really apt to spending loads of cash updating the designs, testing, changing plant tooling, etc.

That’s not to say that next generation H2 and H3 models haven’t been in the works. With GM’s strict and often cumbersome model development process, updates to the exterior styling and powertrain options of the H2, a next generation H3, and development of the H4 similar to the HX concept, were in development long before GM knew it was selling the brand and started shutting down the R&D.

Should the deal to sell HUMMER to Tengzhong be completed, the Chinese company will own the designs produced under GM for future HUMMER models, and will ultimately decide which models to bring to market.

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  1. Remember, From here on out they are Chinese Hummers!

    Thanks, Government Motors

  2. @R.D.Kirk:

    No. They are HUMMERs. Still built and engineered in the U.S.

  3. Keep those rose colored glasses on! Hondas built in the USA are still products of a Japanese Company. Hummers built in the USA are now products from a Chinese Company. Buy a Hummer, help the Chi-Coms

  4. Who cares who “owes” them. I’ll still enjoy driving my new H2. Look at where all the parts on a Silverado truck come from, you would be amazed how non-US your truck is.

  5. Exactly! Name me 1 US car that doesn’t have Mexico, Canadian, India or Chi’knee parts? By buying and installing these parts u’re supporting those companies/governments. RD needs to hope back in his coo Wrangler and drive away!

    Everyone needs to stop thinking US economy and start thinking World economy.

  6. Stop thinking U.S. economy? Well, maybe if we have an economy like Mexico everything will be all better! or maybe Russia or Afghanistan? No, Cuba! That would be great!

  7. R.D: Global ownership and/or parts sourcing doesn’t equal communism. Seems more capitalistic (i.e. more competition) to me than anything…

  8. Does any body care china owns the white house. remember bail out oh yeah WALMART ever thing is made in CHINA at least HUMMERS are made in the USA a still.