HUMMER HX Makes British Debut

HUMMER HX British Motor Show While GM’s top brass are determining HUMMER’s fate, the HX concept is off making new friends in Britain. Reviews have been relatively positive from the British International Auto Show, similar to U.S. press coverage of the new vehicle. The HUMMER HX concept runs on FlexFuel, and may even achieve fuel economy close to 30 mpg.

HUMMER’s showcase of the HX is a little bittersweet. On one hand, it’s good to see HUMMER still promoting the brand to its full extent. On the other, it’s very possible that they’re only using the HX display to show potential buyers there’s still interest in the iconic brand.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    i have to say, it does look better close up, i saw it =D

  2. That’s not a picture of the auto show…that’s a picture of the Natural History Museum in London.

    Black guy – “I’ve seen dinosaurs before, but I’ve never had the change to sit inside of one.”

    Mother to kid (just off camera) – “Now Johnny, this is the elusive Hx, a close relative to the now extinct H1. It says here that this critter is endangered. I don’t expect we’ll see to many in the wilds anymore.”
    On a serious note, I hope this drums up a bit of interest. I love this vehicle, and I think the Hx is the direction offroading needs to go in order to survive.

  3. Hummer Aficionado_VT

    I agree with the bittersweet comment Brian. I think the HX is on display to lure people into 3’s. It kinda feels like GM is just jerking our chains, but, I suppose there is a chance they could “review”, and re-invent the Hummer line. I like GM products, and I would hate to see a brand like Hummer, with so much potential, be put in the closet becasue gas costs $4 a gallon. GM just needs to take Hummer, a brand known for its ability to go anywhere and adapt to it’s driving conditions, and adapt the BRAND ITSSELF to the current market. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but I’m just a youngin’ spouting out my ideas.

    Only time will tell what the HX, and the Hummer brand, have in store.