Save HUMMER Summit Still Planned in Chicago Sunday

Sun, Apr 11, 2010

Hummer News

General Motors announced to its HUMMER dealers on April 6th that their search for a company to take over the brand was unsuccessful and a wind-down of HUMMER operations would soon begin. That news isn’t slowing down an attempt to save the HUMMER brand in Chicago on Sunday for the “Save HUMMER Motors in America Summit.”

The group behind the Summit is the newly formed Capital & Labor International Coalition (CLIC), and confirmed stakeholders include U.A.W. presidents from the Shreveport and Northern Indiana areas where all HUMMERs are built.

We’re not sure what effect the summit will have on the shut-down of HUMMER since GM has effectively said it will no longer hear any offers for the brand, but we also know there’s some controversy over at least one bidder (possibly more) not being given a fair chance. Since GM’s majority stakeholder is the federal government, we urged readers to contact their representatives to ensure every deal was looked at carefully before shuttering the brand completely.

The CEO of CLIC, Steve Denari, has some experience working with struggling brands in tough economic times – he worked closely with Harley Davidson during some of their darkest days in the early 1980s.

Given the company’s name and guest list, it’s fair to say that their plan would likely involve combining private equity and union assets to fund HUMMER’s future.

It’s a novel idea – but is it too late? We should have more information after the summit.

28 Responses to “Save HUMMER Summit Still Planned in Chicago Sunday”

  1. hummeraddict Says:

    Hopefully something positive comes from this.

  2. hummeraddict Says:


    Is there any place to watch the press conference?

  3. HA_VT Says:

    My fingers are crossed but my mind is doubtful.

  4. H3TJ Says:

    just one opportunity

  5. ShawnDondo Says:

    I wish i could be there!! I would camp out in the parking lot if i had to. Are there any groups taking a ride to show support?!! Hopefully our voices wont fall on def ears! GM Really needs to reconsider, if they want to pay back the government why not sell the Brand to Raser….even if Raser will blow GM’s new cash cow the Volt out of the water!!

  6. hummeraddict Says:

    Anything Yet?

  7. R.D.Kirk Says:

    There is no doubt that the U.S. Government made GM get rid of the Hummer brand so they could receive their Billions in bail out money. I have traveled to Iraq and Dubai and they can not get enough of the Hummers. There is not only a U.S. Market but an international demand.
    Consummer Reports just declared that the Cadillac Escalade is one of the worst made vehicles in the country but they are still making them.
    This is what happens when the government takes over the auto industry.

  8. hummeraddict Says:


    You are probably right, but if that were the case, why wait this long to pull the plug?

    Obama needs to go. I don’t trust him at all.

  9. hummer3 Says:


  10. admin Says:

    As of Monday morning, we’re still waiting to hear about any progress made at the Summit.

  11. hummeraddict Says:



    Are you thinking something good might happen?

  12. TGKHUMMER Says:

    hope it all works out. we all love our HUMMERS.

  13. tomcat Says:

    Any news from the Summit?

  14. MRTZ Says:

    Incouraging all HUMMER inthusiast ALL OVER THE WORLD, voice out your opinion. indicate your country, lets make a count off and be heard.

  15. Cinnnamon Says:

    Russian HUMMER fans are praying for the brand to be saved! There is a strong constant demand for the HUMMERs which did not only fall down compared to last year but actually grew! Probably the only brand which has shown growth! Must stay alive and be saved! This is a totally political game which doesn’t take into account consumers’s trust and feelings! This is what was going on with Saab when GM would rather had destroyed the brand then sell to a potential buyer! Saab fans saved the brand through convoys all over the world, this could be the case for HUMMER! Shall suspport convoys be organized?

  16. Beauespirit Says:

    I’ve been checking this site and other sites every second to see what’s going to happen. Save HUMMER!

  17. hummer3 Says:

    Me too!!! Save HUMMER!

  18. hummeraddict Says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE HUMMER! I want an Alpha with cloth. LOL!

  19. Hummersatman Says:

    I have two Hummers, a 2008 Alhpa H3 and a 2009 Alpha H3T which I use as a service truck to get me in and out of the back trails to Isolated Tourist Camps and Gold Mining Camps here in NorthWestern Ontario.
    This truck make all the difference in the world as it can go where no other vehicle could even think of going. The Bottom line is I love my H3 Hummers and I want to see the Brand continue on under who ever is willing to take it over if that is possible now. Save Hummer guys as there is no other vehicle that can match it’s performance in the field where it counts most. Hope things go positive and some real meaningful action comes out of the Summit.

    Hummers are the best veheicle on and off the road when you really need them to get from point A to B and return.

    Good luck to all and lets try and save Hummer some how guys.

  20. hummer3 Says:

    I got my letter in the mail today 🙁

  21. Fish Says:

    I hate to say but saving Hummer is a lost cause. I wish it would of happened but its not. If GM is sending out letters telling people Hummer will be phased out than its not lookin good.

  22. hummeraddict Says:

    That letter was probably sent out several days ago.

  23. hummer3 Says:

    Yeah but it was still sad ….

  24. hummeraddict Says:


    I know dude. I feel your pain. I’ve only come close to crying two or three times in my adult life and this is one of those times. Hang in there and don’t let anyone get you down. HUMMER will live on no matter what happens. *end optimistic speech* LOL!

  25. pissed Says:

    @ hummer3:

    What letter? Something from GM? What did it say?

  26. hummer3 Says:

    @ Pissed
    It was a letter from GM saying that HUMMER was being closes & that warranties were honnored by GM & stuff…

    @ Hummeraddict

  27. SAVE HUMMER Says:

    I own a H3 and love it, bought it last year eventhough GM was going political. Love the H3, love HUMMER! Keep posting updates and anything that can help save the icon if the U.S.A.!


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