GM Unveils Hummer EV Truck starting at $79,995


In an online-only event, GM unveiled the ‘world’s first all-electric supertruck’ – the Hummer EV. Some of the details and specs have been trickling in, but we now have more information. We knew the HUMMER EV would top out at 1000HP, torque rated at 11, 500 ft/lbs, and a mind-blowing …

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Hummer EV Picture Accidentally Leaked in Online Ad

HummerEV Leak

The first image of the 2022 HummerEV has leaked online. The image was part of an ad displayed on before being pulled. Anytime you’re doing a major digital rollout, ads will be shared with publishers ahead of time and mistakes are bound to happen. So, we’re getting our first …

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New Hummer EV Video Teases Crab Mode, Sets Reveal Date For October

Hummer EV Crab Mode

GMC is slowly leaking more information about the new 2022 Hummer EV, including the vehicle’s ‘crab mode’ function and the new reveal date. Hummer EV Crab Mode While we knew the Hummer EV would come with ‘Crab Mode,’ we weren’t sure what to expect. The newest teaser video shows that …

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New GMC Hummer EV Video Teases Design, Features

GMC released a new Hummer EV video today that teases some design features, driving modes, and features. The video also hints that a full reveal will be later this fall. GMC Hummer EV Assembly (Looks like legit front tow hooks made the cut) Here are some of the features teased …

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Hummer EV 400 Mile Range Confirmed by GM

The new all-electric GMC Hummer EV Truck will have a 400 mile range according to GM. In an interview, GM Defense President David Albritton confirmed the Hummer EV’s range when talking about the vehicle’s potential military application. “GM has announced that it is coming out with a [GMC] Hummer battery …

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Hummer EV Unveiling Delayed Due To Pandemic

General Motors has scrapped the Hummer EV’s official debut next month due to concerns around Covid-19 pandemic, those familiar with the plans said. Originally, GM had planned to live-stream the unveiling on May 20, 2020, but operations at GM and manufacturing plants are anything but normal right now. We don’t …

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New Hummer Logo: GM Files for Trademark


General Motors may be bringing back Hummer, but it’s not bringing back the old Hummer logo. In February 2020, GM filed for a trademark review of a new Hummer logo. Marketers might refresh a logo for a few reasons. One might be that the logo looks out of date. Another …

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Everything we know about the 2021 GMC HummerEV Truck (+ Super Bowl Ads)


(Check back for updates) The news is coming fast and furious around the new GMC HummerEV truck and HummerEV SUV, so we wanted to break down everything we know: Name: GMC HummerEV Official Launch: 5-20-2020 Delayed – Read More Model Year: 2021 Horsepower: 1000 Torque: 11,500 lbs 0-60: 3 Seconds …

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First Picture of GMC-Hummer Truck Leaked

GMC Hummer Truck Grill

(Note: More detailed article now available here) The first image of the new GMC-Hummer truck is now out of the bag. It’s likely a still-frame taken from the Hummer TV commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The LED-heavy front Hummer grille looks modern but also has …

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New GMC-Hummer Pickup May Have 1000HP, 400mi Range

GMC-Hummer Specs

(Note: More detailed article now available here) With the new GMC-Hummer pickup set to be announced in just days via a Super Bowl ad featuring LeBron James, new rumors are swirling around what a Hummer truck might entail. According to those familiar with future vehicle plans, the new GMC Hummer …

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